Posted by:info on 2019-02-27

Compo-SiL ® is an excellent anti-slip film material with highly flexible, gas-permeable (with punching holes), washable, and antibacterial properties. We can also cut the products into different width and sizes according to different purposes.




Inner Edges of Shapewear/Compression Suits

Anti-Slip_Inner Edge of Shaping Tank/Compression

Compo-SiL ®  can help  prevent rolling problem of your shapewear and make it more attaching to the body and stay firmly in place.


Anti-Slip Logo Type

Compo-SiL ® can bind to belts through thermal transferring process to provide the anti-slip properties and highlight brand identity of the manufacture concurrently.


Inner Edge of Hats

Compo-SiL ®  help the wearable accessories stay firmly on the body.


Inner Layer of Straps

Compo-SiL ®  can be applied onto any kinds of belt and shoulder straps through hot-press processing. It provides great anti-slip  function, soft, elegant, colorful, and skin-friendly specialties.

Gloves Palms 

We provide highly customized patterns on Compo-SiL ®  through digital printing process when applied to gloves palms surface material. This is ideal for providing additional values apart from anti-slip function, especially in color dying and printing that suits customers’ design.

Inner Layer of Handlebars Grips 

When Compo-SiL ®  combing with foam materials, it provides  diverse applications, such as soft and anti-slip functions in silicone handlebar grips that make better user experience.