APPLICATION:Luxury Vehicles

Posted by:info on 2019-03-02

As an environmentally friendly fabric, Compo-SiL® retains good weather resistance of silicone. It is not easily decomposed by UV, extreme temperature difference, and salty environment...etc. It lasts for decades in the natural environment, and suits harsh conditions. Compo-SiL® is great for interior materials of luxury vehicles, convertibles, cruise ship, yacht, etc

# outdoor leather

# yacht leather

# boat leathr

Product Series



  • Weather durability

  • Vehicles interior materials:

  • Anti-aging
    • Car interior

  • Hydrolysis resistance
    • Yacht interior

  • Non-petroleum based vegan leather
    • Airplane interior

  • Skin-friendly

  • Smooth surface

  • Non-toxic, nonirritating, VOCs free

  • Easy to clean, solvent cleanable

  • Diverse color options

Luxury Vehicles