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Posted by:info on 2020-08-31

Silicone technology has revolutionized the textile industry starting from creating functional fabrics, intelligent textiles to textile
manufacturing process. It has always been one of the main factors to satisfy the demands and requirements of the customers
in sports and apparel applications. Due to its innovative and sustainable material, now matériO online platform can be found Compo-SiL® material.
Even though liquid silicone process is widely used in the textile industry, but it comes with
many drawbacks like material handling and liquid silicone penetrating into textile fabric and consequently altering its
properties. Nevertherless, Compo-SiL®, a patented technology by General Silicones, not only overcomes these drawbacks,
but also delivers extra values added through roll-to-roll process and textile binding capability for the same demands.


The trend of new apparels & accessories from fashion & clothing industry requires new raw materials like
Compo-SiL® for better performance and durability.

Anti Slip strip 


Compo-SiL® can be applied on the inner layer of underwear, tights or any
intimate clothing as anti-slip strip. The unique skin-friendly properties of
silicone can keep users away from allergies even after long-time wearing, which
is ideal for sensitive skin. These strips have excellent elasticity and resilience,
which prevents the garments from deforming after long-time stretching.

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Heat Transfer Decoration


Compo-SiL® is digitally printable through roll-to-roll process, thus it can
perfectly present extremely detailed design. And unlike silk screen printing,
size limitation is no longer the problem in the composition of your design.
After printing and die-cut, it can be heat-pressed on apparel to become a
glamorous decoration with excellent silicone surface texture. Moreover, the
silicone surface will not degrade after frequent wash and sun drying, therefore,
it could always enhance the good quality of the apparel.

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Logo Strip


Using Compo-SiL®; as logo strip can present diverse and detailed logo design,
which helps to enhance brand recognition. Compo-SiL® logo strips are lighter
and thinner than traditional webbing. The skin-friendly property of silicone
makes the apparel more comfortable to wear.

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Compo-SiL® based textiles can be applied to all kinds of protective gears after designing for different 
body-support demands in various sports.

Functional Deco Strip 


Compo-SiL® functional deco strip has excellent resilience. After design and
die-cut to required shapes, it will be heat-pressed on tights and compression
garments in order to provide the same feature as athletic taping, which helps
to improve athletics’ performance and to prevent injuries. Compo-SiL® is also
an excellent water-resistant material, and won’t cause sticky hand feeling and
degrade after frequent wash. Furthermore, it can be designed to present a
variety of vibrant colors to enhance the products recognition.

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Functional Gloves 


Compo-SiL® offers excellent anti-slip and softness properties making it an ideal
material for sports or all kinds of functional gloves. Furthermore, Compo-SiL® is
a digital printable silicone film, so it can present unique and detailed pattern
design through printing process to enhance product recognition. The direct
heat-press method subverts the traditional process of liquid silicone printing,
which can effectively improve production efficiency.

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