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Compo-SiL® Skin-friendly Silicone Film (KF series) is a thin film that can be stuck onto the skin with soft contact and great adhesion force. Due to these advantages, our skin-friendly silicone film can be applied to medical use.

KF 301

Thickness: 0.15 mm

Color: Black only

Surface: Velvet

The Challenge of Wearable Devices

With the development of technology, wearable devices are common nowadays. They are designed to detect or analyze information from human bodies by touching the surface of skin. Unfortunately, these devices are always bulky and unportable. They need straps, adhesives or holders to be mounted on the body. Due to the different physical properties between these electronic devices and the human skin, they are facing a challenge to make human bodies feel comfortable when the devices touch the skin.

Why Skin-friendly Material?

In order to solve the problem, the skin-friendly material is a trend for the manufacturers. The outer layer of skin, or epidermis, is capable of stretching up to 15% with an elastic modulus that can range from 10 KPa to a few hundred KPa. As a consequence, skin-friendly materials would be the choice to solve the uncomfortable feeling problem.

Compo-SiL® Skin-friendly Silicone Film (KF series)


Compo-SiL® KF series is skin-friendly, which solves the problem of mechanical stiffness of wearable devices. The electronic devices can be integrated with our silicone based polymeric substrate to realize the system on polymer concept.







       ○Flexible, soft, stretchable and wearable electronics

       ○Medical and healthcare industry, ranging from basic healthcare monitoring to clinical diagnosis of disease states

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