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Compo-SiL® Skin Film is bilayer thin structure that can be stuck conformally onto the skin surface by soft contact with great
adhesion force. This is due to a layer of medical grade reusable silicone gel which could create an interface for hybrid electronic
devices with seamless skin integration. It is stretchable enough to accommodate strains during natural body motion. The product
is available at different thicknesses ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm, and width up to 1400 mm at almost any length.


The current world problem:
In spite of having robust and reliable functionalities of the wearable devices in the current market, they are still rigid and bulky
with brittle components and hard packaging. These advanced but hard devices require straps, adhesives or holders for
mounting on the body. Integration of these devices with human skin giving a comfortable feeling is still a challenge due to
mismatch in physical properties at the electronic – skin interface as the epidermis can elastically deform up to 15% with an
elastic modulus ranging from 10 KPa to a few hundred KPa.


Compo-SiL® Skin substrates developed by General Silicones following the patented technology proves its significance being one
of candidate material for solving this type of problem in flexible and wearable electronics applications, ranging from basic
healthcare monitoring to clinical diagnosis of disease states. Compo-SiL® Skin substrates could be promising in the healthcare
industry as well as wearable electronics due to its low mechanical stiffness in comparasion to human skin. Also, a lot of soft,
flexible, and stretchable electronic devices can be integrated with this silicone based polymeric substrate to realize the system
on polymer concept.



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