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1. What is (FHE) Flexible Hybrid Electronics?1. What is (FHE) Flexible Hybrid Electronics?

What is (FHE) Flexible Hybrid Electronics?

Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) is a novel approach to develop semiconductor electronic devices and circuits with features like flexibility and low cost in comparison to traditional electronics manufacturing.

Rather than using silicon substrates and evaporation techniques, FHE thrives to use polymeric flexible, sustainable and bio-compatible materials and substrates combining with printed electronics. These devices can be stretchable, flexible and conformable.

2. How does Compo-SiL® help in making FHE applications easier?2. How does Compo-SiL® help in making FHE applications easier?

How does Compo-SiL® help in making FHE applications easier?

FHE is an emerging innovative technology combining both conventional silicone electronics and printed electronics where it requires flexible and printed electronics for large scale production and silicon ICs for communication purposes. This combination is going to generate vast application areas in wearable electronics, health care monitoring, medical sensing, roll able displays, and internet of things (IoT). To realize this integration of printed electronics together with silicone ICs, there is a need of flexible, sustainable, biocompatible material and substrate for printing to make the device flexible, stretchable and conformable with unprecedented design of freedom.

As silicone substrates have received great attention for both the industrial and academic communities and constant innovations are in progress for the integration with electronic devices. However, these substrates have their own limitations related to roll-to-roll process, manufacturing capability, surface and interfacial properties.    

Following an extensive research and innovative patented technology, General Silicones has developed successfully Compo-SiL® substrate: a modified layer on silicone that provides a dual solution for printability and laminability at once.  Diverse application areas make Compo-SiL® a great material of choice for FHE.

3. What are the different types of Compo-SiL® substrates for FHE?3. What are the different types of Compo-SiL® substrates for FHE?

What are the different types of Compo-SiL® substrates for FHE?

Smart Textile Substrate

FHE_工作區域 1       

 Electronic Skin Substrate


Providing a solution of textile binding ability using HMA, printability and laminability at one. Having silicone along with a printable and laminable modified layer produced in a large scale roll-to-roll process opens up the scope of designer clothing and fashion technology.

A tri-layer thin film structure that can be stuck conformally onto the surface of the skin by soft contact with great adhesion force. This is due to a layer of medical grade reusable silicone gel which could create an interface for hybrid electronic devices with seamless skin integration. It is stretchable enough to accommodate strains during natural body motion.