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Posted by:info on 2020-08-30

By medical technology developing, the range of healthcare and baby care application innovation rise substantially. People severe concern and is continuously rising pressure on hospitals to find, better, innovative, sustainable and human-friendly solutions. Now, silicone material Compo-SiL® comes with various benefits along with great properties. Silicones wonderful antimicrobial and chemical resistance properties make them a perfect fit for the healthcare and baby care industry.

  Healthcare Industry


These Compo-SiL® medical films are made of medical-grade silicone, which
provides good biocompatibility. Its anti-bacterial surface has a
splendid sterilize function. It not only keeps the patients away from allergic
problems and remains Compo-SiL® can be sterilized by alcohol and solvent,
and the surface is not easy to leave odor and damage.

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  Baby Care


These Compo-SiL® products also have applications in some of the babycare
products. Baby mat are one of the examples where our product can be used as
it is very easy-to-clean. Compared to textile based mats, these are much better
due to water and urine repellence. Additionally, Compo-SiL® based products
are highly durable and majorly focused on baby and child's the healthcare and

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Medical & Healthcare