Posted by:info on 2019-03-02

Compo-SiL ® preserves the purity and non-toxic properties of silicone. It does not produce any harmful elements (e.g. plasticizer) even when being kept under high temperature environment for a long time. By compositing Compo-SiL ® with metal or plastic part through the Out Mold Decoration (OMD), it becomes a medical grade silicone skin. It’s also resistant to fungicide or sterilization thanks to its chemical and solvent resistance that’s beneficial for medical applications.

Product Series

 Compo-SiL OMD

Out-Mold Decoration, OMD exterior decoration, also known as "high-pressure transfer", a process that can apply different materials (such as film, leather, wood, etc.) to the outer layer of plastic (or metal) by high pressure and vacuum. The process only needs to make the general injection mold. OMD technology can visual and tactile effects, such as digital printing, texture, metallic feel appearance, and 3D cladding to increase the designing freedom of product designers.

OMP Process



  • Chemical and solvent resistance

  • Medical equipment skin

  • Medical grade silicone

  • Non-toxic, nonirritating, and antimicrobial

  • OMD process compatible 
    • Metal and plastic molded parts

  • Smooth and anti-slip surface

  • Reusable