IMD/OMD Applied Material

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) and Out-Mold Decoration (OMD) process enables the decoration for not only plastic products but also glasses and many other materials. These manufacture processes are commonly employed, particularly in the automotive and medical industries. In the pursuit of an eco-friendly environment, Compo-SiL®silicone-based decorative film provides a variety of decorative appearance and tactile effects, as a new highly durable material choice and a replacement for thermoplastic film.

Compo-SiL® Versatility in IMD and OMD

In the In-Mold Decoration (IMD) and Out-Mold Decoration (OMD) process, Compo-SiL®decorative film can be integrated directly into the molding stage, opens doors to a world of design possibilities, and offers flexibility and customization in different industries. The IMD and OMD processes allow the application of decorative elements not just on plastics but also on glass and other materials. Due to Compo-SiL®advanced technology, our silicone-based decorative film can bond with a variety of materials, especially well-suited for applications involving ABS and PC.

Compo-SiL® IMD/OMD Industrial Applications

IMD and OMD process are widely used in almost every industry. Here are some examples for the applications:

  • Automotive industry: Interior trim, door trim, door panel, dashboard components, center consoles, ceiling, touch screen panel, instrument panel, decoration panel, lighting components, human machine interface, etc.
  • Medical industry: EEG, ECG equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostic equipment, imaging devices, medical furniture, control panels, hospital bed controls, patient monitoring devices, health monitoring wearable, etc.
  • Consumer product: Phone case, mouse, AR/VR glasses, phone, TV, laptop, home appliances panel, etc.

Compo-SiL® Performance Benefits

Compo-SiL® is a sustainable alternative material for IMD/OMD process. With silicone, the process can be a step towards eco-friendliness. Furthermore, Compo-SiL®enhances the flexibility of product designs due to silicone. properties.

Compo-SiL®silicone-based decorative film stands as an eco-friendly alternative to thermoplastic films, PU, faux leather, and various other plastic films. Our materials exhibit halogen-free and low VOCs properties, aligning with IATF 16949, ISO 14001, RoHS, and REACH standards. This commitment to environmental responsibility ensures a sustainable and healthy manufacturing ecosystem.

Weather and Hydrolysis Resistance

Our silicone-based materials showcase exceptional resistance to hydrolysis and weathering, ensuring the effective functionality of our materials in high-humidity environments and guaranteeing prolonged product lifespan.

Chemical Resistance, Biocompatible, Sterilizable and Easy to Clean
Empowered by silicone’s chemical resistance property, Compo-SiL®‘s material achieves sterilizability. You can effortlessly sterilize Compo-SiL® based surfaces by using alcohol or cleaning agents. Furthermore, Compo-SiL®based surfaces are easy to clean.
Transparency Excellence for IMD/OMD Parts
Compo-SiL®decorative film can achieve exceptional transparency, which is required in IMD/OMD parts that demand specific patterns with light transmission functionality.
Revolutionizing Bonding: Silicone Decorative Films in IMD/OMD

With Compo-SiL®technology, we’ve successfully addressed silicone adhesion and bonding challenges, enabling the laminable use of silicone-based decorative films in IMD/OMD processes. These films can bond to various surfaces, facilitating ease of integration.

Diverse Surfaces with Additional Functions, Customization
Compo-SiL® provides various designs to the designers with customized surfaces, colors, and tactile effects. We can achieve a variety of surface appearance, such as metallic, matte, and 3D lines of pearl, and wood trim effects with leather-like feel. Moreover, Compo-SiL® decorative film is made available with antibacterial, antifungal, and more other functions when requested. Instead of using real wood or metal, we are able to provide these visual textures and tactile effects, making the product more light-weighted, softer and durable than plastics. Also, the manufactures can tune the hardness of the film if needed.

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