Skin-friendly Silicone Film

Compo-SiL®Skin-friendly Silicone Film (KF series) is a thin film that can be stuck onto the skin with soft contact and great adhesion force. Due to these advantages, our KF series can be applied to medical use.


Compo-SiL® KF series is skin-friendly, which solves the problem of mechanical stiffness of wearable devices. The electronic devices can be integrated with our silicone based polymeric substrate to realize the system on polymer concept.


●Flexible, soft, stretchable and wearable electronics

●Medical and healthcare industry, ranging from basic healthcare monitoring to clinical diagnosis of disease states

Product Spec

The skin-friendly material is a trend for the manufacturers. The outer layer of skin, or epidermis, is capable of stretching up to 15% with an elastic modulus that can range from 10 KPa to a few hundred KPa.


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