Baby Care

Babies’ oral stage occurs between their births to around 18 months. Their happiness is from their mouth during this time. In other words, they use to eat (or bite) anything they grab. However, it has high risk of infection. Parents need to keep the infant environment clean to reduce the risk of germs transmission that might cause infection, so they focus on the material of baby products seriously.

What Compo-SiL® Brings to Baby Care

Child Table

✔Antibacterial silicone film



✔Inhibit the growth of bacterial

✔No odor

Baby Highchair

✔Clean and sterilization

✔Chemical resistance (non-plastic, no plasticizer)

✔Non-toxic and eco-friendly

✔Alcohol cleaning available

Baby Mat

✔Free of harmful chemicals like polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polyurethane, and latex

✔Superior grip

✔Digital printing & customized colors available

Baby Products


✔Antibacterial surface

✔Chemical resistance

✔Customized design


✔R2R(roll-in-roll) manufacturing process available

✔Reduce the use of solvent, primers, and other chemicals


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