Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Compo-SiL® enhances the surface of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) across various applications, including auto hmi and appliance interfaces. It is an innovative material with design freedom, roll-to-roll (R2R) printability, and great adhesion properties. We can provide manufacturers a wide range of design options with customized patterns, colors, and surfaces/textures. Moreover, Compo-SiL® features light transmittance and adjustable tactile feedback to ensure an optimal user experience on HMIs.

What Compo-SiL® Brings to HMI

Soft Touch, Leather like touch

✔Highly flexible and stretchable

✔Skin-friendly and softness

✔Tactile feedback

✔Capacitive touch sensor, electronic wearable device available

Light Transmittance

✔Light transmittance available on all Compo-SiL® products

Sustainable Silicone Material

✔Durable, longer product lifetime



✔Chemical resistance, sterilizable, easy to clean

✔Oxidative deterioration resistance

✔Heat, temperature, electric, chemical resistance

✔Water repellent

Digital Printing Technology

✔Digital printing available

✔Customized surfaces (ex: wood, metal), colors

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