Sustainability of Silicone


Sustainable Application: Compo-SiL® Vegan Leather

The production of leather is harmful to the environment. Compared with animal leather and faux leather, vegan leather is more eco-friendly without cruelty to animals.

Innovative Sustainable Material

Innovative Sustainable Material

Compo-SiL®is an alternative material for plastic, and also follows the life cycle of green products, providing a sustainable solution to a greener life- style in numerous applications.
Compo-SiL® x PETA

Compo-SiL® x PETA

Cruelty-free is also a key belief of our brand mission

Our Commitment

“We are always on the side of sustainability. As a major role in protecting the environment, we aim to discover more sustainable solutions in diverse areas, and work towards reducing the use of plastics. We give products a new life without environmental devastation, and embracing a sustainable future.”

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