Silicone Leather with Fabric

Compo-SiL® SL series (Silicone Leather with Fabric) is one of the sustainable materials that can give you unlimited design freedom. Different from VL series, SL series is ready for the end-products by providing various fabric options.


As is known to all, silicone is an eco-friendly raw material. According to silicone’s features, products that use our SL series own the advantages below: weather resistancewaterproofingUV/Ozone resistance, non-toxic, and easy to clean!

High Design Freedom

SL series provides high design freedom with a wide variety of tailored options in colors, textures, and fabric. We are confident to satisfy your requirement, and we anticipate to unlocking new possibilities with you!

Product Spec

  • Color : Customized according to PANTONE standard.
  • Texture: Matte, Stripes, Bovine, Calf, Napa, Lambskin, etc.
  • Fabric: Micro-fiber base, Pique fabric, Non-woven fabric, Knitting fabric, etc.


As one of the PETA-Approved Vegan brands, we take sustainability into account. We are dedicated to bringing the value of sustainability to life with high quality products.


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