Silicone Leather with Fabric

Compo-SiL® SL series (Silicone Leather with Fabric) is one of the sustainable materials that can give you unlimited design freedom. Different from VL series, SL series is ready for the end-products by providing various fabric options.

Silicone Leather Features

As is known to all, silicone is an eco-friendly raw material. According to silicone’s features, products that use our SL series own the advantages below: weather resistancewaterproofingUV/Ozone resistance, non-toxic, and easy to clean!

High Design Freedom

SL series provides high design freedom with a wide variety of tailored options in colors, textures, and fabric. We are confident to satisfy your requirement, and we anticipate to unlocking new possibilities with you!

Product Spec

The textures of Compo-SiL® Silicone Leather with Fabric
The fabric of Compo-SiL® Silicone Leather with Fabric


Customized according to PANTONE standard.


Matte, Stripes, Bovine, Calf, Napa, Lambskin, etc.


Micro-fiber base, Pique fabric, Non-woven fabric, Knitting fabric, etc.


As one of the PETA-Approved Vegan brands, we take sustainability into account. We are dedicated to bringing the value of sustainability to life with high quality products.

Versatile Applications of Silicone Leather

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