Antiviral Silicone Film

Most viruses enter our bodies by noses, mouths, or ears, and the surfaces we touch can also be a vector of transmission. As a result, the surface materials are the key to reduce the virus infection, while Compo-SiL®Antiviral Silicone Film (AM-V) is just the thing for you.



According to research, viral persistence can be affected by surface hydrophobicity and porous. There are four factors that may affect the persistence of viruses on surfaces:

  • Form of materials, such as porosity
  • Physical factor: temperature, humidity, exposure to light, types of surface, roughness, etc.
  • Biological factor: the structure of the virus, the presence of other microorganism, microbial bio-film, etc.
  • Chemical factor: such as pH, presence of reactive ions, adsorption state, organic matter or presence of specific substances
Compo-SiL®Antiviral Silicone Film (AM-V) is the surface material that turns the trick. It inhibits viruses and reduces the growth of microorganism. What’s more, it has passed the ISO 21702:2019 test.

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