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As medical technology advanced, the range of healthcare and hygiene application innovation grows exponentially. These innovative technologies are typically used either on the hospital ward or in the operating theatre for the safety, care and the hygiene purpose. As a consequence, medical material innovation for antibacterial surface is the thing that medical industries ask for.

What Compo-SiL® Brings to Medical Industry

Medical Grade Compo-SiL®

✔Medical-grade silicone, medical film

✔Hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance

✔Surgical decompression pad

✔Good biocompatibility

✔Easy to clean by alcohol and solvent

✔No odor

✔Soft texture adapts to different bodies

✔Protection of nerve and skin

Compo-SiL® Antibacterial Property Avoid for Hand-transmitted Bacterial

✔Applied on handrails, door handles, or grab bars

✔Decrease infection

✔Sterilize function

✔Easy to Clean

✔The silver nanoparticles incorporated in the silicone material act as antibacterial agents to prevent dangerous microbes such as E. coli and MRSA from growing and multiplying on the silicone.

Medical Applications with IMD Process

✔Suitable for In-Mold Decoration process

✔Design flexibility with diverse surfaces for medical control panels and various components

✔Light transmission

✔Applications: EEG, ECG equipment, medical equipment, medical furniture, control panels, hospital bed controls, patient monitoring devices, health monitoring wearable, etc.

Anti-slip for Hand rails, Door Handles, and Grab Bars

Compo-SiL®high Coefficient of Friction (COF) silicone

✔Prevent slipping.

✔No odor

✔Soft texture adapts to different bodies

✔Protection of nerve and skin

Sustainable Silicone Material



✔Reusable, alternative to single-use products

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