Compo-SiL®Adhesion & Bonding Breakthrough

Compo-SiL®solves the low surface energy problem of silicone. It is a new breakthrough of silicone application, making it a material innovation.

Silicone with PUR , FEASIBLE!

Silicone and PUR bonding problem limits the possibility of silicone application. However, PUR can be used on Compo-SiL®due to Compo-SiL®’s technology!

Exclusive Silicone Printing Technology

Different from traditional silicone printing, Compo-SiL®is able to do digital printing, which enhances the opportunity of silicone application.

HMA Lamination/Adhesion Available

With Compo-SiL®’s technology, silicone bonding with HMA is no more an impossible thing!