Fire Safety

Fire safety is important and required everywhere to prevent and protect against the destruction caused by fire. Hence, flame retardant materials play a crucial role in fire safety applications where our flame retardant silicone sheet with Compo-SiL®technology can be applied in an attempt to avoiding the generation of the toxic gases when a fire happens.

Flame Retardant Silicone Sheet Application

Our Advantages

Fire safety gloves, fire safety textiles

The safety gloves in PPE kits account for almost 23% of total revenue in 2015, which is increasing exponentially. According to OSHA, over 40% of the industrial fatalities and accidents are related to hand injuries, while the importance of the material for the safety gloves is apparent. Furthermore, with Compo-SiL®technology, our flame retardant sheet can be bonded with different types of textiles like fireproof clothes, making the applications for fire safety wider.

Electronics/Electrical industry
Electronic devices play an increasingly important role in our daily life. All electronic items contain a printed wiring board (PWB). For fire safety reasons, the requirements of fire resistance PWBs have increased. Compo-SiL®halogen-free flame retardant sheet is based on UL94-V0 silicone raw material, which becomes a new choice for the PWB manufactures.
Aerospace industry
Flights have become lightweight by the usage of modern plastic materials and composites in order to carry more passengers. Major safety standards have to be followed as flights carry huge amounts of fuel that could react with plastic and escaping is not easy as well. Thus, aerospace industry has incorporated flame retardant materials to lower the risk of fire.Compo-SiL®flame retardant sheet is an ideal material for aircraft interiors, and help to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members.
Living spaces
From houses, public spaces to offices, living and working have become much more comfortable and energy-efficient with the advancement and usage of materials like plastics, composites, and fibers. However, it poses a higher risk of flammability as many polymers can act as catalyst to spread fire. Therefore, it’s important to use flame-retardant materials during manufacturing process in order to increase safety. Compo-SiL®can also be used as a leather material in furniture like sofas, carpets, etc. to reduce the risk of fire.

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