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Posted by:info on 2021-02-23

Antibacterial Silicone: A fighter for Hospital Acquired Infections

Silicone and its advantages

Silicone is one of the medically accepted materials even for some invasive treatment cases. It is one of the most bio-friendly and sustainable man-made polymer which is widely used in both food and medical industries because of its great anti-microbial properties. Resistant to bacteria, also silicones are easy to sterilize. They do not react with other materials and do not irritate the body. Used externally, internally, or intravenously, silicone materials do not generate unwelcome byproducts or trigger allergic reactions.

Antibacterial Silicone

Antibacterial surface is highly required at some places like hospitals, public gathering places, elevators, automotive handles and many more. Having outstanding properties of silicone along with anti-bacterial property is a game changer and life safer for a lot of people.

  • It ensures no pathogen stick to the anti-bacterial silicone surface that prevents cross contamination.
  • Most popular antimicrobials, which are hydrophilic shows incompatibility in surviving as silicone is hydrophobic in nature.

General Silicones’ Compo-SiL® Anti-Bacterial Silicone

We provide BOKEN quality evaluation institute reports to display Compo-SiL® anti-bacterial film has splendid sterilize function. Institute uses ISO 22196:2011 and the JIS Z 2801: 2012 test method to prove Compo-SiL® anti-bacterial film can be inhibition of bacterial growth and sterilization properties.

  • Antibacterial Compo-SiL® silicone rubber sheets have been manufactured by compounding anti-bacterial fillers like silver inside silicone rubber. Silver (Ag) carries a very strong positive charge that shows a very high affinity for negatively charged biomolecules which alters their actual structure and makes them unrecognizable to the cell. This inhibits bacterial growth.
  • The antibacterial activity of the prepared Compo-SiL® Silicone Rubber was examined by testing against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, which are representative of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, respectively.
  • Compo-SiL® Silicone Rubber showed excellent antibacterial activities for long duration against these two types of bacteria that are the main causes of many deaths due to hospital acquired infections.

Compo-SiL® is easy to sterilize staphylococcus and escherichia.

Test Method:ISO 22196:2011

Compo-SiL® is easy to sterilize staphylococcus and escherichia.

Test Method:JIS Z 2801: 2012

Compo-SiL®Antibacterial Silicone for reducing Hospital Acquired Infections

Hospital Acquired infections have estimated to have thousands of preventable health care-associated deaths in America each year. It is a matter of grave concern and is continuously increasing pressure on the hospitals to find, better, innovation, sustainable and human friendly solutions. Material innovation for antibacterial surface is not that a new area of research. Polymers like silicone hydrophobic nature and tuning it to much more anti-bacterial has a great potential in decreasing the deaths due to Hospital Acquired Infections.

As the hydrophobic nature of silicone helps or adds more value to the anti-bacterial property, it also makes it hard to when it comes to its usage with other materials. It is very hard for cured silicone to bind with or on other surfaces like wood, plastic, other thermoplastic polymers.


Compo-SiL® silicone rubber solves this problem by providing a hydrophilic surface on one side of silicone, thus makes it the best candidate for any surface that needs to be antibacterial.

 Apart from these features, Compo-SiL® silicone rubber sheets can be laminable to the textiles thus can also be engineered to develop antibacterial textiles and wearables with bio-compatible silicone properties. These antibacterial Compo-SiL® silicone sheets can also be printed in desired patterns either digitally or with other techniques like screen printing, thus gives scope and design freedom apart from having outstanding anti-bacterial properties.


Antibacterial Silicone Film