PRODUCT:Antifungal Silicone Film

Posted by:info on 2021-08-02

Each year over 150 million critical cases of fungal infections occur worldwide, causing approximately 1.7 million deaths per year. Surprisingly, these numbers are steadily on the rise with a number of social and medical developments during the past decades that have abetted the spread of fungal infection.

Now, Compo-SiL® has good news. We passed the antifungal testing. Compo-SiL® will prevent mold and existing bacteria from growing and give you a beautiful, comfy and necessary environment. The fabric and microfiber upholstery problem with mold and other allergens will be solved. By blending a silicone rubber composition with a zeolite containing a very small percentage by weight of a silver ion, we could obtain a silicone rubber in which the silver ion-containing zeolite is dispersed. The silicone rubber having the silver ion-containing zeolite dispersed therein had significant antifungal activities.

ASTM G21 test

ASTM G21 test

In recent years, silicone rubber is used in a wide variety of applications covering electronic, automotive, and medical industries because of its excellent properties including weather resistance, electrical properties, low compression set, heat resistance, and low-temperature resistance.

The demand for silicone rubber is increasing and there is a need for developing a silicone rubber having more versatile properties. Having an advanced modified silicone surface technology Compo-SiL®, GS recently proposed to add antifungal agents to render antifungal properties in silicone rubber.

Antifungal Silicone Film