VIDEO:Compo-SiL® FN Series - Laminable Functional Deco-Strip

Posted by:info on 2020-08-15

Compo-SiL® FN Series can be applied to all kinds of medical protective gears after designing for different body-support demands. The excellent resilience of silicone can stabilize the tendon and relieve pain of the protected part, and further achieve the cushioning effect. Through the excellent biocompatibility, skin-friendly and softness of silicone, it can maintain support and comfort after long time wearing. As a stable material, silicone will not degrade or become sticky after frequent wash. It can also provide freedom of design with various colors to decorate and enhance the product recognition.

# Silicone  # Laundry Resistant  # Low Fatigue

# High Elastic  # Vibrant Colors # Skin-Friendiy

Compo-SiL® FN Series - Laminable Functional Deco-Strip