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Posted by:info on 2020-05-27

Silicone is an eco-friendly bio-compatible non-plastic versatile synthetic polymer and industrially refined from natural silica, which is the major constituent made from sand. In comparison with other plastics production, silicone is more sustainable and less intruding on environment with reduced CO2 emission provided that electricity, raw material, and water are consumed at same level. With all crucial features: high temperature resistance, low temperature flexibility, water repellence, anti-fouling, chemical resistance, UV/Ozone/weather resistance and durability, silicone products are easily distinguished from other petroleum-based single-use products in respect of lifelong reusability and hence decreasing the reliance on fossil fuels.
Conducting intensive researches following an innovative patented technology, General Silicones has developed Compo-SiL® Vegan Silicone Leather symbolizing ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free, and multi-functional alternative material, and enabling more comfortable and unprecedented freedom in design, color, surface patterns, and additional customized functionalities.


Vegan Silicone Leather catalog