PRODUCT:Vegan Silicone Leather

Posted by:info on 2020-08-25

Compo-SiL® silicone vegan leather is one of the best solutions to bring the value of sustainability to life. By reducing carbon footprint in cruelty-free leather industry in the way that other unsustainable materials with short service life are replaced with silicone rubber due to its durability. Vegan Leather not only provides various specifications such like colors, surface patterns, and additional customized functionalities but also gives designers unlimited design freedom. Moreover, It can be laminated with a variety of substrates by using HMA, PUR or other adhesives.


Silicone is a versatile, non-plastic, eco-friendly, bio-compatible synthetic polymeric material made from natural silica, the major constituent of sand. In comparison with other plastics production, silicone is more sustainable and less intruding on environment with reduced CO2 emission provided that electricity, raw material, and water are consumed at same level.

sustainability of silicone

Silicones Properties are durability, high and low temperature resistance, water repellence, anti-fouling, chemical, UV, Ozone, weather resistance. Silicone products are easily distinguished from other petroleum-based single-use products in respect of lifelong reusability and hence eliminating the reliance on fossil fuels. 



Compo-SiL® Vegan Silicone Leather can perfectly deliver elegant design, exquisite sensation, and visual quality while offering high-level customized specifications with a diversity of color choices, surface patterns, textures, and additional valuable functionalities.With its innovative and sustainable advantages, now matériO online platform can be found Compo-SiL® material.

VL Series


With manufacturing and processing experiences over 50 years
in silicone raw materials, Compo-SiL® are confident to comply
with every industrial customized requirements .

Options :
-Embossment :
Matte, glossy, velvet, fiber, bovine, cow, carbon.
-Color :
Customized according to PANTONE standard






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Vegan Silicone Leather