Compo-SiL:Silicone based Anti-Slip sheets and strips for Wearables!

Posted by:info on 2021-02-03

Silicone based Anti-Slip sheets and strips for Wearables!

Silicone material for Anti Slip applications

Coefficient of Frication (COF) of silicone material is quite high which makes it ideal for anti-slip and gripping applications. Along with high and tunable COF value, silicone versatile, non-plastic, eco-friendly, bio-compatible synthetic polymeric material made from natural silica. It is a sustainable material being less intruding on environment with reduced CO2 emission, with nominal use of electricity, raw material, and water for production in comparison to other plastics. Silicone products are incredibly durable, flexible, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, and able to undergo extreme temperatures with the other properties intact, gives them potential for long life reusability.

Compo-SiL® Anti-slip silicone

Traditionally, Silicone coating on textile for anti-slip or non-slip fabrics are being used for various usage and applications like undergarments, lingerie, athletic and sportswear and smart textiles. However, this technology has its own limitations. Compo-SiL® technology opens new possibilities for integrating cured elastic anti-slip silicone with fabric. Elongation, elastic properties, and softness of the material can easily be tuned as per the needs of the customers.

Solutions for Various Industries

With the increase of regular exercise practice in the general population, the demand for "wedgie-proof" underwear and apparel is growing. Consumers are concerned about their underwear and waistband slipping during yoga, running, gym routines, or wearing tight dresses. Compo-SiL® based silicone strips and sheets can be applied on the inner layer of underwear, tights, or any intimate clothing as anti-slip strip. The unique skin-friendly properties of silicone can keep users away from allergies even after long-time wearing, which is ideal for sensitive skin. These strips have excellent elasticity and resilience, which prevents the garments from deforming after long-time stretching.

Not only for these, Bra and Lingerie which touches most sensitive skin of the human body, medical grade Compo-SiL® based silicone material with anti-slip properties can be utilized for such purposes.

Non-Slip functionalities are also important in other technical applications for textiles.  Compo-SiL® comes with high thermal resistance, protection and acts as a barrier to liquids and external UV damage. Marine, outdoor, medical and hospitality are the other industries that can be benefited from this technology.

Edge of Innovation and additional properties with Compo-SiL®

Compo-SiL® Technology provides many benefits or additional properties along with outstanding properties of silicone material. These anti slip silicone sheets can be printed (digitally or any other process) that gives the design freedom to the textile manufacturers that needs silicone properties along with various designs and patterns. Not only printing, these sheets or strips can be attached or laminated very easily to the textile by using HMA or other adhesives. This process is one of its kind offered only by Compo-SiL® as the traditional process shows many limitations such as lack of digital printing process for silicone inks, bonding difficulties etc.

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