Compo-SiL:Application on Antibacterial Baby Product

Posted by:info on 2021-05-26

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Many new parents are worried about newborns can be infected by bacterial especially during oral stage. Oral stage occurs between birth to about 18 months and an infant gets most of their pleasure from their mouth during this time. This is associated with behaviors like eating and thumb-sucking. However, both of these behaviors are high risk of infection. If parents neglected to clean the environment,  the infant might be infected by bacterial. Therefore, parents need to keep the infant environment clean and reduce the risk of transmission of germs that can cause infection is to practice standard or universal precautions during the oral stage.

Baby product

Now, parents don’t need to worry about infecting anymore. This is because Compo-SiL® provides baby product companies a safer application technology. Compo-SiL® is an antibacterial activity of silicone rubber that provides great protection from E .Coli and MRSA. It shows various applications when it comes to baby products and medical environments. Compo-SiL® technology can be applied to baby mats, changing tables, and highchairs. If you are baby product manufactures, you should be followed Compo-SiL®.

Compo-SiL® also has applications in some of the babycare products. It would not have been easy to bind a silicone sheet directly on the various materials due to the inertness of the silicone. However, it is possible now with Compo-SiL®.

Changing Tables

Compo-SiL® silicone-based changing tables products are highly durable and skin-friendly. Having a silicone based antibacterial film over them is necessary to avoid infections in babies. With Compo-SiL® changing tables, your products will get a comfortable space and its table can inhibit the growth of bacterial and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of changing tables.

 Changing table

Baby Mat

Traditional baby mats are often made with materials that contain harmful chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polyurethane, and latex. But the natural antibacterial of Compo-SiL® baby mat means they are free of harmful and chemical. Compo-SiL® baby mats provide superior grip than materials used to make baby mats. Also, traditional baby mats carry a lot of bacterial. But the natural antibacterial properties found in Compo-SiL® can kill bacterial.

Moreover, a colorful baby mat is attractive to infants. Compo-SiL®  ships as rolls of transparent and colorful printable silicone rubber sheets with a unique modified layer on the silicone. Its printing on silicone technology overcomes the barrier of silicone inertness. With Compo-SiL® material, manufacture can offer colorful baby products to parents. It helps infants distinguish form and categorize objects.

Baby Highchair

The removable dishwasher tray of Infant highchair is the baby feeding table. Generally, it needs to keep clean and sterilize. But most of the removable dishwasher tray is plastic material, it doesn't have any chemical resistance property. And when we wiped it with alcohol, it would produce plasticizer. However, Compo-SiL® products are non-toxic, easy to clean, and eco-friendly. Others products are usually damaged by wiping with alcohol, but Compo-SiL® wouldn’t. Eco-friendly products are not only better for your baby, but better for the environment, too. This gives your baby the greatest chance to enjoy a beautiful world.

What Are the Benefits of Compo-SiL® Silicone Applying to Baby Products?

  • Non-toxic and antibacterial surface
  • Chemical resistance
  • Provide various designs and customizations.  (it can be printed with different patterns at the bottom layer)
  • Water-repellent 
  • Easily bond to other surfaces where cured silicone substrates cannot.
  • R2R(roll-in-roll)
  • Reduce the use of solvent, primers, and other chemicals
  • Durability.