Compo-SiL:Sustainable Vegan Leather for Marine Upholstery Application

Posted by:info on 2021-06-16

Sustainable Vegan Leather for Marine Upholstery Application

The average yacht is replaced every ten to twenty years. Yacht Upholstery gets exposed to sun, wind, rain, and other weather elements. It’ll probably start to crack, tear or fade in time and need replacing. Deciding which material to use on the yacht can be hesitating, but with the eco-friendly material Compo-SiL®, you can find a marine upholstery that is ideal for both your demand and sustainability. If you’re wondering what marine upholstery is environmentally friendly, here Compo-SiL® vegan leather can help.

Silicone Vegan Marine leather

Marine Upholstery

Silicone-based materials possess the most superior stain resistance and durability for both indoor and outdoor marine applications of any upholstery material. Due to its unique composition of possessing no PVC and plasticizer, this unique material can be used outdoors as well as indoors with full confidence and protection against the elements.

Furthermore, thanks to the flexibility of Compo-SiL® vegan leather, it makes upholstering easily adapting to fit curved and complex shapes. Compo-SiL®offers an innovative alternative to the materials generally used for yachting applications. The wide range of colors and different surface textures adds an attractive, relaxed finish to your upholstery, while the water-repellent version ensures lasting comfort for your yacht.

Silicone Vegan Marine leather

R2R Solution for Cured Silicone to Upholstery Bonding

Compo-SiL® vegan leather combined with HMA provides the most uncomplicated R2R process with CURED silicone bonding to upholstery. The adhesion of the silicone prints to marine material using liquid adhesives is challenging and involves several process steps. But Compo-SiL® simplifies silicone bonding to upholstery and speeds up production with HMA as an interlayer adhesive.

Sustainable Marine Interior Material

Compo-SiL® vegan leather is a material that is non-toxic and no harm to the environment. It is committed to improve life quality and leave the next generation a pollution-free environment. Although PVC is a common material used for marine upholstery, it is a highly toxic plastic that has been linked to many illnesses and is responsible for environmental pollution. Now, thanks to eco-friendly material Compo-SiL®, people have an alternative to PVC. The raw material of Compo-SiL®  has achieved ROHS and REACH compliance. Its silicone molecule is comprised of silicon, oxygen, and quartz, a durable, hard, inflexible rock, which is the most common component of sand. As a result of its durability, weather, and saltwater resistance, Compo-SiL® become a wonderful ideal for marine upholstery.