Compo-SiL:Antimicrobial Upholstery for Public Transportation

Posted by:info on 2021-07-05

While aircraft and railway vehicles are designed, safety for staff and passengers is the top priority. Safety levels have been increased continually over the years and today all materials used must fulfill the highest passenger safety requirements.

Distinguished Safety and Durable Silicone

The material of mass transportation needs to be cosmetically appealing while meeting stringent technical and safety requirements at the same time.Compo-SiL® silicone material has excellent durable properties from long-term use.It is one of the safe and sustainable materials and suitable for using on mass transportation. Compo-SiL® helps maintain the vehicle's interior appearance while ensuring components are secure and protected from environmental corrosion conditions.

Also, through an innovative patented technology combining silicone and modified layer, Compo-SiL® flame retardant silicone is one of the best choices for safety protection materials, acting as surface material of public transportation application, such as bus, aviation, and train.

 Silicone Vegan Railway Leather

Anti-slip Train Seating Armrest and Pull Ring

Armrests and pull rings can support the balance of body and aid in standing up and sitting down. However, smooth armrests and pull rings surface are difficult to grip on and it might cause people to fall. But thanks to Compo-SiL®, its silicone-based products provide armrests and pull rings for anti-slip surface. It can effectively decrease fall accidents happening.

Railway and Aircraft Seat Tray

Public transportation is easy to leave germs because many people take on it. Silicone-based table products are highly water-repellent and skin-friendly. Having a silicone-based antibacterial film over on them can avoid infections. With Compo-SiL®antibacterial film, your products will get a comfortable space and its seat tray can inhibit the growth of bacterial and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the tray.

 Silicone Vegan Aircraft Leather

Appealing Aircraft Upholstery Material

Flying in an aircraft should always feel comfortable– even for those who take them regularly. One of the main factors in building up this high-class image is the interior design.

Compo-SiL® Vegan Silicone Leather can perfectly deliver elegant design, exquisite sensation, and visual quality while offering high-level customized specifications with a diversity of color choices, surface patterns, textures, and additional valuable functionalities. It's custom digital printing for textile and material perfectly gained the diversity of appearance.

The benefit of Sustainable Silicones

Around the world, aircraft manufacturers are demonstrating great examples of greener manufacturing. Some are even following the global movement for an ethical, sustainable, and conscious environmental trend. Compo-SiL® vegan silicone leather is one of the harmless leather alternatives to existing materials. The manufacturing process of this cruelty-free leather is eco-friendly and makes no damage to our environment and nature. Here are nine sustainable advantages for using Compo-SiL® as aircraft and public transportation materials.

  • PVC free
  • RoHS, REACH, Halogen compliant
  • Advanced solvent-free technology
  • No toxic by-products
  • No formaldehyde
  • No plasticizers, Phthalates, heavy metals, or BPA
  • No harm to air or water