Compo-SiL:Compo-SiL® Enters Online Database MatériO

Posted by:info on 2021-08-06

Fashion always starts with a piece of fabric that is one of the important components. Fabric is the basic of making the outfit determining the overall style and beauty of your dress. A designer picks out the fabric according to the type and purpose of the outfit. Now, Compo-SiL® announces we have been selected to be on the platform by international online database MatériO.

MatériO online platform

MatériO is a platform that picks out thousands of specific and innovative materials. It has more than 8000 amazing materials ID cards, more than 6000 manufacturers contact details.

Now, MatériO online platform can be found Compo-SiL® material due to its innovative and sustainable material. With the ability to create custom textures on the silicone rubber layer and giving providers complete freedom on colors and various simulation material effects such as wooden and metal. Compo-SiL® opens new pathways for brands and fashion designers to express themselves using silicone-rubber prints for logos and apparel design.

MatériO online platform

Starting with sustainable, eco-friendly silicone material and the possibilities of numerous surface modifications and functionalizations, Compo-SiL® vegan leather gives designers enhanced design freedom to bring their conceptual design into a sustainable vegan product for any industry. Vegan leather is not only good-looking but also more sustainable than genuine leather. This ethical fashion trend has already spread out both consumers and designers and it will remind them of how important to have a better future.