Compo-SiL:Antimicrobial Film Compo-SiL® Use in Healthcare

Posted by:info on 2021-08-20

With medical technology advanced, the range of healthcare and hygiene application innovation grows exponentially. Typically they are used either on the hospital ward or in the operating theatre for safety, care and the hygiene of staff, and patients. Infections have estimated to have thousands of preventable healthcare-associated deaths in the world each year. It is a matter of severe concern and is continuously rising pressure on the hospitals to find, better, innovation, sustainable and human friendly solutions.


Material innovation for antibacterial surface is not a new area of research. However, polymers like silicone's nature and turning it to much more anti-bacterial has a great potential in decreasing the deaths due to hospital infections.

Amazing Medical Grade Compo-SiL® Keep Patients from Allergic Problems

Compo-SiL® medical films can be combined with gel to become a surgical decompression pad. Its soft texture can effectively adapt to various user’s body shapes, resulting in effective protection against nerve damage and skin chapping. Compo-SiL® medical films are made of medical-grade silicone, which provides good biocompatibility. It can keep the patients away from allergic problems and remain comfortable. Compo-SiL® medical films is also easy to clean. It can be sterilized by alcohol and solvent, and the surface is not easy to leave odor.

Antibacterial for Handrails, Door Handles, and Grab Bars

Compo-SiL® covers on the surface of hand rails, door handles, and grab bars helping in lowering the infections that are spread by the hand-transmitted bacterial. Compo-SiL® anti-bacterial surface has splendid sterilize function. The silver nanoparticles incorporated in the silicone material act as antibacterial agents to prevent dangerous microbes such as E. coli and MRSA from growing and multiplying on the silicone. 


Anti-slip for Hand rails, Door Handles, and Grab Bars

Grab bars are safety devices designed to enable a person to maintain balance, lessen fatigue while standing, hold some of their weight while maneuvering or have something to grab onto in case of a slip or fall. Compo-SiL® the high Coefficient of Friction (COF) of silicone rubber makes it ideal for anti-slip and gripping applications. It is suitable for applying to hand rails, door handles, and grab bars. Anti-slip products are the easiest and safest way to prevent any kind of accident from slipping.


Sustainable Silicone Contributing to Society

The sustainability of silicone is made of a abundant natural material sand, but ultimately a finite resource. The sustainability aspect of silicone lies in its ability to withstand use, making it a simple reusable alternative to single-use products. Additionally, the use of silicone can greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of products that are used every day.