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Posted by:info on 2020-07-02

For the purpose of protecting our earth and our animal friends, the fashion industry calls for sustainable and cruelty-free movement by using eco-friendly material. Compo-SiL® silicone vegan leather is one of the eco-friendly materials for vegan handbags, and other consumer products. With Compo-SiL®’s customized texture and color options, designers can have infinite design creativity.

Vegan Handbags


Trending in the fashion industry has been changing these days. We search for environmentally friendly material, and produce the products with them. Compo-SiL® provides the eco-friendly material silicone vegan leather to many applications, including vegan handbags, apparel, sport goods, etc.

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Outdoor Decoration


Compo-SiL® silicone vegan leather products show exceptional durability in adverse environmental conditions and outdoor places. These weather proof products can be bonded with textiles and applied to outdoor furniture. Due to the features of silicone, including heat, high and low temperature resistance, UV/Ozone radiation resistance etc., Compo-SiL® based outdoor decorations have a better oxidative deterioration than other materials. Moreover, they have a smooth touch sensation, which is a perfect choice for outdoor decorations.

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Based on our brand core value, we not only pursue a sustainable future, but also stand up for animal rights. Our cruelty-free silicone vegan leather has been certified by PETA Approved-Vegan as well.


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Consumer Products