PRODUCT:Printable & Laminable Film

Posted by:info on 2020-08-27

Compo-SiL® based transparent printable silicone film has an unique modified layer on silicone, which provides a solution for
textile binding capability (using HMA), printability and laminability at once. This roll-to-roll product offers excellent properties
including waterproof, stable elasticity, low fatigue, thermal stability, high transparency, and specially provides a waterproof barrier
to external contaminants. The product is available with different thicknesses ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm, and width up to
1400 mm at almost any length.



The demand of substrates for flexible, stretchable, wearable and printable electronics has been growing up rapidly in recent
years. At present, silicone substrates have been received the great attention from both industrial and academic communities;
and constant innovations are in progress for the integration with the electronic devices. However, these substrates have their
own limitations related to roll-to-roll process, manufacturing capability, surface and interfacial properties. Having more than 50
years of experience, General Silicones observe the key problem of silicone surface to be very inert to bind with any other
functional materials. Also because of surface inertia of silicone, printing and proper adhesion is a long-time problem.

Having silicone along with a printable and laminable modified layer available in large scale roll-to-roll process opens up the
scope of designer clothing and fashion technology. The printable film allows for building up flexible, stretchable circuits by inject
printing, screen printing, and through laminated transfer process. All the raw materials are high grade and non-toxic thus doesn’t
cause harmful impact on the environment.



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Printable & Laminable Film