PRODUCT:Silicone Composite Film

Posted by:info on 2020-09-11

Polymeric materials have much potential to prove the system on polymer concept ranging from flexible ICs, displays, sensors to
wearable systems.wearable systems. Compo-SiL® technology bridges the gap between high level university research and industrializing it.

Our high quality silicone based Compo-SiL® films have a layer above silicone which provides a
solution of textile binding ability (using HMA), printability, and laminability at once. Some of its kinds include transparent &
translucent films, conductive & flame retardant films, printable and skin films. These are incredibly thin roll-to-roll films with good
elastic properties and low modulus. These products are available in width of up to 1400 mm and are sold per meter with a roll
length required by customers. Various thicknesses are also available, ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm. Silicone-based Compo-
SiL® films are manufactured from solid silicone rubber rather than liquid silicone, which gives advantages in terms of material
handling, ease of use, and processing time. We strive to provide customers with products that give them greater control and
more design freedom, and to ensure that they get the perfect product according to their specifications.

              Silicone Composite Film consists of 4 product types :


                                  Printable & Laminable Film                                                 Skin Film 

                                           SiliconeFilm-1                                          SiliconeFilm-2


                                                 Elastic Film                                                       Conductive Film 

                                           SiliconeFilm-3                                          SiliconeFilm-4

Compo-SiL® thin films come with additional promising properties, which are hard to achieve only in silicone products. Along with
silicone properties like resistance to oxidative deterioration due to heat, temperature, electricity, chemicals, radiation of UV,
ozone, and X-ray etc., Compo-SiL® films provides printable and laminable surface, which has a great significance in Flexible
Hybrid Electronics applications. Furthermore, some of the films are food grade and free of petroleum-based chemicals, BPA,
BPS, or fillers. Compared to plastic films, Compo-SiL® films are long-lasting and could endure extreme temperature fluctuations
without being melting, cracking or otherwise degrading. In addition, resisting to oxidative deterioration under normal aging for
decades would consequently increases the product lifespan. Compo-SiL® allows the silicone films to widely apply to various daily
life products.

Silicone Composite Film