NEWS:A New Solutions for Custom Digital Textile & Fabric Printing (DTP) for Brands

Posted by:info on 2021-02-08

A New Solutions for Custom Digital Textile & Fabric Printing (DTP) for Brands

A New Raw Material for the Logo and Textile Printing Industry

Hsinchu, Taiwan, February9, 2021 - Experienced silicone product manufacturer General Silicones (GS) shares how its Compo-SiL® technology is a new alternative to heat transfer printing or silicone-based ink printing. Bulk Fabric Printing and Wholesale companies see an increased demand for silicone logo prints due to silicone material's eco-friendly properties. With consumer scrutiny focusing on green product specifications, apparel and sports brands need an eco-friendly solution. Using silicone ink for printing is an approach often used. But so far, silicone ink printing technology does not allow for shades and complicated patterns and requires time and labor-intensive processes.

Overcoming Drawbacks of Heat Transfer Printing

Several drawbacks limit standard heat transfer printing. Large designs quickly get expensive to manufacture, the image does not last that long, and it is not advisable to iron the textile's printed area. Compo-SiL® overcomes these problems thanks to its patented modified PU layer and the advantageous properties of silicone. The inward-facing PU layer is easily printed with elaborate designs and applied to the fabric using HMA and other adhesives. The UV and damage resistant silicone layer covers the printed PU layer on the textile, giving the print a long life and washing machine resistance.

As Compo-SiL® is easily cut and applied using roll-to-roll production processes, the time-consuming process of silicone ink printing is eliminated.

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Compo-SiL® Silicone Rubber for Digital Logo Printing

With the ability to create custom textures on the silicone rubber layer and giving the DTP provider complete freedom on colors; gradient effects; the ability to create realistic metal, and wooden effects; General Silicones opens new pathways for brands and fashion designers to express themselves using silicone-rubber prints for logos and apparel design.

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Suitable for Small Custom Production Runs

As Compo-SiL® ships in rolls that can be easily printed and cut, print suppliers can create small batches for events and corporate orders at an attractive price. This creates new business opportunities for digital printing suppliers and their clients and partners.


Solutions for Custom Printed Waterproof Fabrics

Brands looking for fabric printing suppliers so far had to fall back on solutions that do not match current environmental friendliness expectations. PVC material and polyesters are still common materials used. With Compo-SiL® those brands have an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative that is easy to print on, lasts long, and is resistant to UV radiation damage.

Compatible with Existing Digital Fabric Printing Machines

Compo-SiL® is manufactured to customers' specifications and ships globally in rolls of up to 1.4m width and unlimited length. The thin modified PU layer allows printing with existing printing machines and integration into existing roll-to-roll manufacturing processes.


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About General Silicones

General Silicones (GS) was founded in 1970 in Taipei, Taiwan, and is now represented worldwide – including Europe, China, Japan, and South-East Asian countries. GS is a major distributor of silicone materials and an active silicone products manufacturer with ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001 certifications. The company has manufacturing plants in Hsinchu, Taiwan; Wujiang, China; and Bac Giang, Vietnam. With decades of experience in this field, GS has the ability and capacity to provide a wide range of silicone products for many industries, including medical, automobile, consumer products, electronics, and IT. GS listed on Taiwan's Emerging Stock Market in 2011 (TPEx: 4730). For more information about GS, please visit

A New Solutions for Custom Digital Textile & Fabric Printing (DTP) for Brands