Compo-SiL:Vegan Leather for Automotive Smart Surface Application

Posted by:info on 2021-05-19

With the demand of car interior comfort increasing, automotive interior features are becoming the main differentiating element influencing buying decisions. According to authoritative research, car interior comfort will be seen as the second important factor when consumers choose new cars. The results of the research also show an expanding need towards interior surfaces with further functions, adding to the overall driving experience. Asked about additional functions of the seat covers and surfaces, 49% of all respondents see a benefit in antibacterial properties.

Compo-SiL® car interior

Why Silicone Fit in Automotive Industry

Silicone rubber often used in the automotive industry. Its properties such as strength, temperature resistance and durability have high-performance in automotive applications. Here are 4 the keys of silicone properties advantages.

1.Silicone-based interior dressings have hydrolysis resistance properties that extend products' lifespan.

2. Silicone can handle extreme environments, no matter what the weather is burning summers or freezing winters, there is no negative impact on the material. 

3. Compo-SiL® can be easily applied to roll-to-roll (R2R) products and suitable for IMD processing manufacturing.

4.By using pigments mixed in Compo-SiL®, it is easy to color silicone and it also can be printed various embossment and patterns.

Best Automotive Interior Choice— Vegan Silicone Leather

Vegan silicone leather has outstanding properties like high durability, non-toxicity, flame retardant, and resistance to UV rays, particular chemicals, and moisture. Most importantly, the raw material for silicone is derived from natural silica, the constituent of sand. Various studies have shown silicone is non-toxic, durable, and harmless to the environment.

Compo-SiL® based vegan leather can be seen as modern futuristic raw materials for the transportation industries and could help lengthen the lifetime of the vehicles.

Compo-SiL® automotive interior

New Furturic Silicone Automotive Application—HMI

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or dashboard between the processor machine and the operator. Compo-SiL® can be applied to the surface of HMI and its light transmittance property makes products more fashionable. Compo-SiL® can modify the surface and material properties of its vegan silicone leather to match colors, texture, and the feel of natural leather. When users touch materials, it not only provides tactile feedback but also appears amazing effect of high light transmittance even after dyeing.


Automotive Interior Sustainable Trend

With the awareness of the environment rising, consumers have truly found how much plastic is used in the automotive industry, and what kind of negative footprint each individual leaves by using these plastic materials. As an alternative material, silicone materials are a vital component in many of the products that make sustainability possible. Compo-SiL® is not only eco-friendly and energy-saving material but also comfortable in the traditional sense—a plush material that is soft to the touch, a key element for any automotive seating solution. Through the countless automotive applications of silicones have consistently delivered better efficiency, reliable performance and more durable, longer lifetime for key technologies.